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Welcome To Phoenicia Cuisine                   

Over 25 years ago, the Barakat Family ventured into business with "Papa's," a small eatery known for such specials as hummus, stuffed grape leaves, mujadara, and baklava. As demand for these homemade classics grew, so did the need to expand; "Papa's" became "Phoenicia Cuisine" when it moved to the University of Toledo and became a Mediterranean staple on campus. Most recently, Phoenicia has made a new home on the Student Union's 4th floor and has brought new life to the space that once hosted "Rocky's Attic." The location may be new, but the ideals of healthy, homemade meals have continued to take precedence. Our customers have come to know and love the many salad, soup, entrée, and daily special options, each prepared with fresh ingredients and homemade sauces. Even with the passage of time, the quality of food and service remains high, creating a trusted name with all who have come for the Phoenicia experience.

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